Economic Development

McCall has been involved in many of the major public-private economic development initiatives in Texas. From the Sematech incubator in Austin, to Alliance Airport in Fort Worth, and the successful financing of a convention center hotels in San Antonio and Dallas, the firm has developed innovative solutions that have led to the financing of facilities that have bolstered the Texas economy and the creation of thousands of jobs in the State.

Utilizing such tools as tax-credit bonds, tax increment financing, municipal management districts and local government corporations, as well as traditional public finance approaches, the firm has been involved in the development and redevelopment of the former Robert Mueller Airport in Austin into a mixed-use residential and commercial development, and convention facilities in Frisco and Round Rock, among other cities.

The firm has also been involved in the development of various sports and training facilities, such as Round Rock’s baseball stadium; Frisco’s baseball stadium, soccer stadium and multi-use sports facilities; the multi-use arenas in Laredo and Corpus Christi; and the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth. McCall’s expertise has been tapped also in connection with urban development and redevelopment projects throughout the State, including the West Village in Dallas.

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